The Energy Barre® Gift Cards can be purchased online in two ways. Follow these simple steps for a stress-free purchase! 


This is the best option if you can wait a couple of days for delivery! Your gift will be delivered to you or the recipient in attractive packaging.

Visit our EB Online Shop to purchase gift cards for preset class-package prices and set denominations.


  • You will receive this gift card in the regular mail. Please double check the shipping address.
  • We are always here to help if something goes wrong.


Use this option if you need your gift immediately, you will receive a printable or e-mailable gift certificate.

You can also purchase gift cards in any denomination of your choosing through our MindBody online store. To purchase through MindBody, follow these steps:

  1. Visit our website and select the Schedule and Sign Up! tab. This will take you to our online scheduler where you will make the purchase. 
  2. Select the "Online Store" tab.
  3. Select "Gift Cards" in the top navigation (just below the "My Info" tab).
  4. Using the Gift Card drop down menu, select the desired option. You will have the option to purchase a package at our pre-determined prices or you can select "EB Gift Card at $0.00" to enter your own amount.
  5. Complete the required fields.
  6. When you select "Make Purchase" you will have the option to log in as a guest if you do not have an Energy Barre account or if you do not wish to create one during this purchase. If you do have an Energy Barre account you can log in to your account so that this purchase can be tracked under your purchase history.
  7. When you see the message PURCHASE COMPLETE you may select the blue link below "Print Pre-Paid Gift Card" to print your gift immediately. If you do not wish to print it immediately, a PDF of the gift card will be sent to your email along with the receipt of your purchase. You must opt-in to receive the gift card via email
  8. That's it! Hooray!


  • When completing the required fields you will be given the option to deliver this gift card as an email.
  • You will not receive a copy of this gift card in the regular mail; online gift card purchases through our MindBody store are 100% electronic.
  • We are always here to help if something goes wrong.

Gift cards are available for sale at the Stoneham and Beverly studios as well. Both studios are open 20 minutes before and after scheduled class times. 


When you receive an EB gift card, the card has GC followed by a ten digit number on it (ex. GC1234567890):

  • Plastic gift card: found on the back above the black strip
  • e-gift card (printed from a computer): found on the front to the left of the bar code
  • paper/hand written: written into the bottom right hand corner

When making your purchase online through your MindBody account, you will be able to enter GC followed by the ten numbers into the gift card redemption window where it reads, "Gift Card Number". This will deduct the value of your gift card from the cost of the item in your basket. *The gift card redemption window will appear when you have reached the "check out" screen. So, you must add the item to your basket (ie. 5-class package) and proceed to checkout. 

If you have trouble, no worries! Send a photo image of the gift card (with numbers visible) to and we will promptly help you redeem your gift... you can also bring the gift card to the studio and one of our EB Girls will gladly assist!

Happy Gifting!