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The Summer Sizzle begins May 16th!


During the 7 weeks between May 16th and July 4th we challenge you to:

  • Complete 28 studio classes

  • Achieve 10 thousand steps per day

  • Commit to 3 cardio sessions per week

  • Work hard, have fun, and feel GOOD!

Full challenge details will be available the first week of May, but you can start to plan now to look and feel your very best this summer!

As always, you can pay as you go and find the method that best suits your budget - but if you’re looking for the greatest value per class, we’ve built a Summer Sizzle Class Package for you and it’s available online NOW!


Summer Sizzle 28-Class Package: $325 (that's $11.60/class!)

This amazing discount will be available now through May 12th, the package price will increase to $350 at that time!

  • All 28 classes activate May 16th and expire on July 4th to save you money and keep you on track!

  • The only greater value available is our Monthly Membership ($155/month).



Whether you participated in The Get Aligned 30-Day Nutrition Challenge with NWHS or not, you're going to want to get in on THIS!

We are so thrilled to partner with Nutrition and Whole Health Solutions once again to deliver a 7-week nutrition program that lines up PERFECTLY with our fitness challenge!

This program is DIFFERENT from The Get Aligned 30-Day we have been saying, that was just the warm up!

This 7-week program designed by Courtney Little, CN, owner and founder of NWHS, is actually THREE programs in ONE!

Each phase will prepare you for the next as you build up to a smart and safe sugar detox that will leave you feeling your VERY BEST on the fourth of July!

Summer Sizzle Nutrition Package: $175

  • Monthly Members are invited to purchase this special package with a 15% discount! To receive your unique member discount code, please email before purchasing!

  • All Get Aligned Nutrition Challengers are invited to participate with a special discount, please find details in our private Facebook group before purchasing!

  • Must participate in our fitness challenge in order to participate in our nutrition challenge


The NWHS Summer Sizzle Nutrition Challenge Includes:

  • A full 7-week nutrition plan delivered in 3 phases

  • A private Facebook group for group coaching and support

  • 3 virtual group coaching sessions from Courtney Little, CN to kick off each new phase

  • Over 50 NWHS approved recipes

  • Weekly grocery lists

  • Food journaling template

  • Special discounts and offers at NWHS throughout the duration of the challenge

  • Mind/body techniques to help change your relationship with nutrition

Recipes are not primarily vegetarian or vegan, however recipe swaps and accommodations are recognized within the program.