• Credits may be purchased online or at the studio.

  • All standard priced packages expire 6 months from purchase date, special promotions and offers will likely have a shorter expiration window. Alway check when purchasing.

  • All purchases are non-transferrable and non-refundable.

  • Purchases may be made using cash or Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Personal checks not accepted.

  • Class credits may be used at all locations unless specified (promotional packages may be studio-specific).

  • Our 12-hour cancellation policy applies to all classes, Community classes included. Cancellations within the 12-hour window are charged fully.

  • Gift cards are available, please inquire.

  • Classes may be cancelled if fewer than 3 participants are registered

  • Classes and teachers are subject to change without notice

  • Please check emails for weather and studio closing announcements. View our weather policy below.


  • The studio is open 25 minutes prior to class start time, 15 minutes prior to class start time for our early morning classes.

  • Please inform your instructor if you have any injuries or medical conditions before each class.

  • First time clients, please arrive ten minutes early for introduction.

  • Please arrive to class on time; your space may be given to walk-in or wait-listed clients if you are not present at the start of class.

  • Water is available for $1, cash only.

  • Please silence cell phones and leave them tucked away during class.

  • Too much chatter is distracting. Please have fun but keep the talking to a minimum!

  • Classes are 55 minutes, express classes are 45 minutes. Please stay for the duration of the class. Our closing stretching sequence is relaxing and restorative for your body; please take advantage of this time and allow others to enjoy it.

  • Yoga classes are 60 minutes or 75 minutes. You may always enter late, please wait until after the Om to enter if late. Please do not leave during Savasana.

  • Chewing gum is not permitted in class.

  • Please be mindful of the energy you bring into the studio.


Our studio has a 12-hour late cancellation policy. Any classes missed or cancelled within 12 hours of class will be charged a full class credit (monthly members will be charged a $10 fee). Exceptions will be made to our policy in emergency and delicate situations. We completely understand that life happens and it is not always possible to follow through on every commitment made! There are no hard feelings for a cancellation or a miss, we simply must maintain the integrity of our policy.

*Cancellation window for workshops and events will remain 24 hours.


Effective January 12th, 2019: Any member who registers for a waitlist spot in class will be considered AUTOMATICALLY CONFIRMED once added to class.

When you are added to class from the waitlist your registration will show "from waitlist - unconfirmed" THIS MEANS YOU GOT INTO CLASS! Unfortunately we do not have control over the confusing wording, but now you know!

You also receive an email from us when you have been added to class. This email will now read that you have been added from the waitlist and your spot has been guaranteed.

Please be mindful if you are on a waitlist and your plans change, you will be responsible to remove yourself from the waitlist should you no longer want your spot.


We are happy to welcome Class Pass Users to the studio and honor your ability to register for classes by the means that suits you best. Please understand that we must honor the needs of the studio by maintaining these simple policies:

1- You must be registered for the class you are taking, through the app so that payment is secured prior to taking class

2- We do limit Class Pass user registration in our classes; if registration is not available to you through your app, we welcome you to register through our site.

3- If your Class Pass registration has not been completed prior to the start of class, we will require payment at the studio. (if you reach out to Class Pass after class and you are able to register for the appropriate class, you may email us for a refund of your studio purchase.)

4- We cannot waive cancellations under any circumstances.

Thank you for understanding, we look forward to your registration!


Our cancellation policy does apply for our Community Classes. Cancellations within the 12-hour cancellation window result in a $10 fee (not $5). The will be deducted from the account on the evening of the missed class using the card on file. This charge will happen without prompting of the client on or around 24 hours from the missed class. Our system emails each client when a late cancellation has been made which serves as a reminder that the account will be charged. We appreciate your understanding as we maintain the integrity of our cancellation policy and make a positive impact within our community.


We are proud to bundle up, shovel out, and brave the storm to remain true to our girl-on-the-go roots. But, for severe weather, we have put a snow policy into place. Please refer to the policy below when the snow starts to fall and you have questions regarding studio cancellations. 


  • As a business operating in New England, we are committed to opening our doors through all types of weather and providing our clients with a warm, safe, and dry place to escape the elements and feel the burn!

  • The safety of our clients and our team is of the utmost importance to us. We will closely follow the forecast and road reports to make cancellation decisions with safety in mind.

  • In the event that classes must be canceled for safety, we will do so with as much advance notice as possible. We will notify our clients through the following avenues:

    1- The class will appear as CANCELED in MINDBODY - always check!

    2- We will post on Facebook and Instagram

    3- We will send an email to our studio-wide contact list - given manual work required and time allowance, we will not be able to reach out personally, so please ensure you have opted in to receive our emails!

    When the studio cancels a class that had registered participants, the class credit will ALWAYS be replaced to the client's account!

  • If you were registered for a class that was canceled, your class credit is automatically returned to your account.

  • If we are open, our cancellation policy remains in effect. As our policy states, we will make exceptions to our policy in emergency and delicate situations. Please plan to give yourself extra time for shoveling, safe driving and traffic in snow or bad weather. We cannot make exceptions to our policy every time it snows. This is New England, after all.

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