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It's hard to think spring with the weather we've been having, but we assure you in just a matter of weeks everything will be changing! There is no doubt that winter calls for cozier nights and more time indoors. As the season changes, our bodies and minds crave the shedding of layers and the busting open of doors to let new energy in!

Every April we run a quick and simple challenge to help your body and mind realign in preparation of a SPRING fitness routine! 

Breaking habits and establishing a new routine is not simple; it takes awareness, will-power, and determination. 

That is why we keep the concept of this challenge simple: In April's 30 days, you show up to the studio for 20 classes. 

There is no Facebook group, no independent guidelines, no homework. Our intention for this challenge is for you to stick to one simple task and see it through, so that come May you have established a new routine and if you are interested in picking it up a notch, you are primed and ready for our most popular, fun and effective challenge: THE SUMMER SIZZLE! 

There is no special purchase for this challenge; you may use any combination of credits to complete 20 classes.

ONE HARD WORKING WINNER will receive the month of MAY for FREE! 

All you have to do is submit your completed class log at the end of April!

So what do you have to lose? Nothing! Let's create the fresh energy of spring - TOGETHER! 

Questions? Send us a note