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The Energy Barre® Summer Sizzle Challenge

The warm weather is rolling in and that means that our MOST POPULAR Challenge of the year is almost here! 

The EB Summer Sizzle is BACK and, as always, it's BETTER THAN EVER! 

This is our FOURTH annual Summer Sizzle. We've kept the great, improved on the good, and created some fabulous NEW for you!

Why should YOU sizzle!?

YOU are worth your time. We all sizzle for different reasons, but the truth is, we all have a reason for putting in a little more time at The Energy Barre® before the official kick-off to summer! We put a call out on Facebook and Instagram to prove just this: you might sizzle for a bikini, a suntan, a wedding, or a smoking hott, summer bod. You might sizzle for strength, confidence, inner peace, mental stability - bottom line is, YOU sizzle for YOU and WE do it together!

Our EB Summer Sizzle Facebook group is full of energy, encouragement, support, and friendship! It's the go-to spot for EB Babe motivation, fit tips, contests, and bonus challenges.

This year, we are amping up our Facebook group activity to keep you motivated, mentally and physically strong, AND above all, supported!

Here are some new aspects you can look forward to:

  • Weekly mantras and mental commitments
  • The Sizzle Diaries
  • Weekly step count contest
  • The Barre Babes Weekend Workout Challenge, brought to you by The EB Boss Babes

Please join us in welcoming in the summer months with confidence, sunshine, and a fine be-hind! Sign-up sheets will be available in all studios beginning on Friday, April 29!

The Summer Sizzle Challenge:

  • 7 weeks
  • 28 classes
  • 10k steps per day

Add-on option for all challengers (encouraged, not required):

  • 3 cardio sessions per week
  • at least 1 sweat per day

The Skinny on the Sizzle

This is what you must do to say you have officially participated in and completed the EB Summer Sizzle Challenge!

  • The Sizzle kicks off on Sunday May 15th and concludes on the most glorious day of the year: INDEPENDENCE DAY!
  • You must complete 28 classes within the 7-week time frame, in any order, any combination, own your schedule - just not a day late or a workout short of 28!
  • ANY FREE Class offered within the Sizzle time frame is a BONUS and does NOT count toward your 28 classes!    
  • EB Community Classes DO count toward your 28 classes!
  • Wear a pedometer, use an app on your phone...just get your body to MOVE every single day, and do not stop until the dial reads 10,000!
  • Optional: Before and after measurements to track your results
    • Measurement blocks are posted in the online scheduler on May 14 and 15
    • If you would like to be measured, you must attend one of the posted measurement blocks. Sign up here!

Feelin' HOTT, HOTT, HOTT add-on details:

For best results, the greatest level of challenge, and the most sweaty fun, we encourage you to take your challenge up a notch for the best summer ever. Incorporating this aspect of the challenge into your commitment will help to shed extra fat, make your muscles pop, bring a beautiful glow to your skin, and really make you FEEL THE BURN!

  • Commit to three intentional cardio sessions per week
    • This is a per week exercise! Each cardio session should be at least 30 minutes of sweating with an elevated heart rate. Your cardio session can be at the studio: Burn, HIIT The Matte, Raise The Barre, Cardio Dance, ZUMBA or Matte Remix. Your cardio session can also be independent: running, dancing, jumping, cycling, etc. Jump, sweat, play...make it happen! 
  • YES, if you take a cardio class at the studio it counts as BOTH a class toward your 28 classes and a cardio session towards your 3 per week! 
  • Commit to sweating at least once per day! This commitment will help you to incorporate fitness into more aspects of your life than just studio and gym time. Keeping the commitment of the Sizzle at the forefront of your day will no doubt maximize your results!

The EB Summer Sizzle Package Pricing: TWO OPTIONS
Option #1: 28 Classes for $300 - WHAT.A.DEAL!

  • Your 28 classes activate ON May 15th and expire ON July 4th, no extensions, no exceptions
  • This package provides the best price per class AND the built in motivation to get your booty to the studio!
  • You can attend EB Community Classes within this package and opt to have a credit deducted from your package instead of donating 
  • Package is available in your online store NOW and will be available for sale until May 15th

Option #2: Pay as you go!

It's that simple...we will always offer the pay-as-you-go option to our babes because that just works best for some!

  • You may use any existing credits you have on your account
  • You may purchase classes and packages in any denomination to complete your 28 classes
  • You may attend EB Community Classes and take advantage of the $5 class opportunity to make this challenge more affordable

*Remember: ANY FREE classes held throughout the challenge are BONUS classes and do not count toward your 28 class challenge total!

One last thing to sweeten the deal:
If you COMPLETE the EB Summer Sizzle you will be entered to WIN an Unlimited Month of classes AND a $50 gift card to ANY shop located at MarketStreet Lynnfield.

So tell us, why do YOU Sizzle!