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Date fundraising donations are needed

We LOVE hosting fundraiser classes at The Energy Barre. To help you in your charitable efforts, we have some suggestions for you to carry out a successful event.

The first step is to request to host your fundraising event at The Energy Barre. Please submit the fundraiser request form at least four weeks prior to the date you would like to host your event.

Once your fundraising event has been approved and scheduled, it's time to get the word out!

Our suggestions for a successful event:

  • Begin by choosing a great name for the event that identifies the charity and the person doing the fundraising
  • Create a Facebook event and invite friends that are local to the studio or that you know would be able to make it to the event
  • If there are people you'd like to invite that do not regularly use social media, we recommend sending an evite with all necessary information ( and Punchbowl are great free services)
  • Describe why you are fundraising.
    • Convey your message in as few characters as possible; be detailed, but succinct
    • Add pictures, videos, and provide viewers with the organizations website
  • Tag The Energy Barre in social media posts promoting the event. We will repost and give them some love! We are on Facebook as @theenergybarre and on Instagram as @the_energy_barre.
  • Post reminders of your event weekly and then again 5 days, 3 days, 1 day before the event, as well as on the day of your event
  • Bring literature about the organization you are supporting the day of event. We also welcome you to bring in refreshments for your guests!
  • Take pictures and post them to yoursocial feed before, during, and after the event (make sure to tag us!)
  • Send some love back to those who supported you: post a "thank you" on your social media feeds, send a follow-up email, or send hand-written notes!
  • Start thinking about your next event!