EB Body Balance is a full-body class designed to further restore harmony to the body and undo the imbalances that our daily lives create. Class follows a structure of intensely working to open tight muscles and immediately strengthening their opposing muscles to encourage better body awareness, mind-body connection, posture, and muscle control. Class is carried out entirely on the fitness matte. Offered in a warm room, class is set to slower music combining simple movements with orthopedic stretches. Modifications are always offered and this class is open to all levels. Expect the instructor to provide increased hands-on and verbal corrections. Pace is slow and intentional. EB Body Balance is offered in full-length format. 


EB Flow is our flowing style of yoga that is open to all levels! This class is practiced in a warm room and intended to strengthen both the body and the mind. Come unwind, let go, and build a deeper connection with your own body. Modifications are always offered and encouraged. Pace is slow to moderate. EB Flow is offered in full-length format. 


EB Within is a full-body class focused on achieving a deeper connection within YOU! Consistent practice of our classes leads to amazing changes in the body and commitment to the ideals behind The Energy Barre Method leads to increased confidence, self-love, and body awareness. But, when we are striving towards personal goals, it can be easy to lose an important connection with ourselves in the here and now: the strength and beauty that we already possess. EB Within will help you reconnect, refresh, and remember just how awesome you are now and how far you WILL go! EB Within is practiced in a dimly-lit room and reversed away from the mirrors to eliminate the distraction of your neighbors and your appearance. Come as you are and leave loving that person even more! Pace is slow and intentional. EB Within is offered in full-length format.


Kripalu Style Yoga with Bob is a practice for everyone! Bob leads with careful instruction and a deep belief in the benefits of the practice. This 60-minute class provides a pathway to self-discovery through the practice of yogic breathing, strengthening and lengthening postures, and a centering relaxation sequence. Participants are invited to discover a greater sense of strength, self-awareness, and inspiration. 

Class is practiced in our infrared-heated studio at about 85 degrees. All levels are welcomed and encouraged! 


Power Yoga is a challenging and invigorating practice that is attainable for every body! This 60-minute or 75-minute practice delivers a strong, flowing style of Yoga linking breath and movement through a consistent flow to empower your life on and off the mat. Participants will build strength and flexibility, enhance focus and confidence, relieve pain, and heal the body from the inside out. 

Class is practiced in our infrared-heated studio at about 95 degrees. All are levels welcomed and encouraged!


Vinyasa Style Yoga is a practice for everyone! This 60-minute class delivers a flowing style of yoga linking breath and postures to build strength while also relieving stress and tension. Though the poses and flow may vary class to class, participants will move through seamlessly-strung standing postures before moving into restorative postures on the floor. 

Class is practiced in our infrared-heated studio at about 95 degrees. All levels are welcomed and encouraged!


Our heated classes use an infrared, radiant-heating system to bring the temperature of the room to 85-95 degrees (depending on the class and the outside temperature). 

The experience of class beneath our infrared-heating system is much like being outside on a beautiful, hot, sunny day! 

While our heaters will not emit UV rays like the sun, they do provide sun-like warmth! Perhaps you have tried a forced-air or steam-heat system style of heated yoga before; whether or not you liked it, we encourage you to try our heated classes because they are different and different is worth trying! Infrared heat feels different because of the way the heat is distributed. Forced air can make the air feel stuffy, dry or overwhelming; infrared heat feels clean and invigorating, and the direct heat on the body will boost flexibility. 

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