There’s no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one.
— Jill Churchill


When you take the time to care for yourself, you are better able to show up for everyone else in your life. Our free childcare makes taking that time a little bit more accessible. 


  • We offer free childcare in our BEVERLY and NORTH READING locations (we would love to offer in all locations, but not all spaces are equipped to provide the service!)

  • We do not have age restrictions or minimums - if you are comfortable bringing your child, our team is happy to welcome them!

  • Space is limited; registration required

  • If childcare is available, you will see a class on the schedule and a coordinating FREE CHILD CARE class listed at the same time, in the same location

  • You must sign up to reserve a spot and let us know you're coming

  • You must have a unique account for your children (separate from your own) in order to register

  • You must register yourself for the class and register your child(ren) for the Free Child Care - please do not hold a child care spot if you are not signed up for class.

  • We do not diaper your children or accompany them to the bathroom - you will be called from class to handle any of these needs

  • All snacks must be NUT-FREE


  • Go to the online scheduler and click sign up

  • Select “new to our site” and complete the information needed using THE NAME OF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN

  • ALL children should share the same account

    • You must use a unique email address from your own account for your child/children

    • If you have multiple children and do not want to create an account for each child, please put ALL of their names in the first name field i.e.: "Samantha Mary." This way we will know there are two children when looking at registration.

  • We suggest that you un-check the “opt-in for e-mails” box to avoid receiving duplicate emails from EB

  • Agree to the terms of the waiver and create account


  • BEFORE registering yourself for class, sign your child/children up to ensure there is space available for them

  • After your child/children is/are registered, you will simply need to log out of their account(s) and log into YOUR account (if you aren't using the two apps mentioned above) and register for the corresponding class at the time you signed your child/children up for (*be sure that the locations match)

    • If there isn't room in the class you would like to take, please remove your child/children from the class you signed them up for

  • You will never be required to make a purchase under your child/children’s account because all scheduled child care is free


  • Once you have created a unique account for your child(ren) we suggest downloading both the Mindbody Connect App and the Energy Barre App in the app store (both free)

  • Dedicate one app to your login and one app to your child's login - this way when you go to register for class, you can simply toggle between apps for a quick and seamless sign up!

Registering your child/children takes just a few extra moments, and the time spent will be well worth the time you set aside for yourself at the studio! 


  • Each time you arrive, please locate the sign-in sheet and sign your child in

  • Check your child's diaper or accompany them to the bathroom before class

  • Please do not allow your child to run around the studio after class to avoid any accidents or injuries


  • Try to arrive early your first few times using the service; sit with your child and help them acclimate to the environment

  • Bring the things that comfort them

  • We will always do our best to soothe your child - if you are needed, we will get you from class

  • Don't give up! Sometimes the first, or first few attempts don't go well. Feel free to stick around and show them that it's a safe place and you are right there. Come back and try again! We are here for you!


We are so happy to be able to provide our hard-working mamas with our free childcare service - we know how challenging it can be to manage all of the pieces of motherhood, and we feel honored to support you in carving out time for movement by offering this service.

As we roll deep into the winter months, we must remind you that in order to continue to offer this free service without interruption, we depend on the health of our childcare providers and every mama depends on the cleanliness of our childcare facility.

What this means is: if you or your little one are sick, please stay home. We know how disappointing it can be to miss a scheduled workout, but taking a sick day to preserve the health of all of those entering our studio will contribute to the greatest health of EVERYONE, uninterrupted services, and more workouts for ALL!

If any of our childcare providers feel that your child is visibly sick enough to potentially infect the environment of the studio, you will kindly be asked to remove your child from the studio and return when everyone is feeling better!

To ensure that we can continue to provide this free service, any late cancellations due to unexpected sickness will be fully charged.