Nice to meet you, on the road...

I've stopped writing here for quite some time. I suppose I began to feel distant from the identity I created with "Diary of a Queen." It no longer felt like me, as I am just as much a student as I am a leader. Not being ready to abandon my blog entirely, I simply stepped away, trusting that my heart would tell me where to go.

More and more lately I've been compelled to share. To share my thoughts and beliefs. To share my experiences, my goals and my dreams...and so I have casually begun to insert myself more into the captions of my Instagram photos - like blogging without the commitment.

 My life is about sharing - group fitness and the practice of yoga is sharing - it is sharing space, sharing energy, sharing knowledge and trust. Through The Energy Barre I share the greatest parts of myself - the things I am proud of and that I know are true, the people that I believe in. It is the space where I feel safe to take chances and be vulnerable, because it is in many ways, my home. Home, for me has thankfully always been a place where I am safe to be me. And so, my home will always be a place where YOU are safe to be YOU. 

As I have been working on a project to update our studio's virtual space (both our website and our at home workout platform) I have found myself reluctant to sit and complete the work for one small aspect of the site: The WHO WE ARE and WHO I AM. How strange it felt when I finally identified that. I am not shy, I speak very freely about myself and the things that I love with my friends, and family and anyone who walks through the doors of the studio. Then it hit me - this is virtual space. Sharing WHO WE ARE and WHO I AM on our website escapes the comfort of home. Vulnerability sneaks up on all of us, even the bold Leos of the world. Identifying this fear is freedom. If I choose to live a life in love and not in fear, my only choice now is to move forward into discomfort and share myself, in a new become more me! In commitment to moving beyond this fear - I return to my blog. To share, openly who I am and who I am becoming. 

I wrote this this morning:

"My greatest motivation is to help others elevate their thoughts so that they can realize that their own potential is limitless. Not because I have reached my potential, rather because on my own journey I have found there is no true destination. Because we are truly limitless. On the road to nowhere and everywhere."

And so,  as I move forward into new space...I leave behind "The Diary of a Queen" and begin "The Road to Nowhere and Everywhere." 

I hope to see you along the way.