It's my birthday!

If you know me, even a little, or if you follow me on social media - you've known this day was coming. I celebrate my day with much anticipation, and I celebrate it loudly... because I am lucky, I am happy, I am grateful to be alive! Truth is, I have always celebrated my birthday in this way, so before I possessed the awareness to feel lucky, happy, and grateful to be alive, I simply enjoyed a day that honored me! I still do, in fact. Born in the thick of August, I am a Leo through and through. There is no denying that I enjoy the limelight and I love to be loved.

Sometimes my subconscious desire to be loved and celebrated embarrasses me and makes me feel ashamed. Perhaps I would be more graceful if I took lead from my sisters: one mysterious Scorpio sister, one gracefully-detached Aquarius. Surely those traits represent humility, which is far more attractive than attention-seeking. But, if I were those things, I would not be me. I would not have been born on this day and I would not be writing this blog. 

I used to read quite a bit about astrology. I find it fascinating and so, I've become accustomed to defining myself as a Leo. Every description I've read has been too accurate to argue. But it's been a long while since I've read up on the celestial cycles and I thought to myself, "It's possible that I don't know a thing about the Zodiac." To bridge this gap, I Googled "traits of a Leo"... If I am going to ramble on about my sign, I suppose I should provide some insight. The top hit landed me here:

Leo Traits. Warm, action-oriented and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, the Leo have an air royalty about them. They love to be in the limelight, which is why many of them make a career in the performing arts. The personality of a Leo is made up of some positive as well as negative traits

As expected, incredibly accurate. Of all the lines in this basic description, my attention was drawn to the last: 

The personality of a Leo is made up of some positive as well as negative traits

Well, aren't we all? This line is permission enough to set aside any shame in being my true self and to bask in the light of my very own August birthday!

Today I am 31. My 30th year was dedicated to increasing self-awareness. The journey has been nothing short of a beautiful mess. Self-discovery is a humbling experience, and while it would be much easier for me to share 31 things that I am "working on".... I will share 31 things about me that I am proud of and that I love:

  1. I love with my whole heart.
  2. I am married to the guy who I love beyond my ability to understand.
  3. I am a mama to a beautiful baby boy.
  4. I am an entrepreneur.
  5. I am a risk taker.
  6. I have an incredible amount of faith.
  7. I am able to recognize my faults.
  8. I have the desire to be better.
  9. I see the good in people first.
  10. I believe I am here to help people.
  11. I am honest.
  12. I have developed a tolerance for being uncomfortable.
  13. I am far more punctual in my 30s than I ever was in my 20s.
  14. I do not give up.
  15. I cry when I need to.
  16. I have a plant that I have managed to keep alive for over 9 months.
  17. I am generous.
  18. I am fun.
  19. I have learned to say no.
  20. I am stubborn.
  21. I am smart.
  22. I am finally able to see myself as smart, at the age of 31.
  23. I smile with my crooked teeth.
  24. I am passionate.
  25. I am confident.
  26. I am a work in progress.
  27. I work hard.
  28. I play hard.
  29. I have big goals.
  30. I have some positive as well as some negative traits.
  31. I do not want to be anyone other than me.

Today I am 31 and I love who I am.