Seredipity: How Layla Became a Curtis

We weren't looking for a dog, but our dog was looking for us. 

It seems to be the way that things happen for John and me - a series of divine interventions that have consistently led us to where we are meant to be. Awareness, willingness, openness; it's a way of living that we work at, and when we're getting it right, there is always a sign, a light, a clear direction of where we are meant to be. Often times we fall into ruts when our heads are down and our stubborn behaviors take over, but then we notice, we pick our heads up and let the compass lead the way. 

I'm not trying to fool you into thinking our life looks like a fairy tale - it's not - but it's ours, and when we are in sync, the universe responds. It's funny to look back at all the times we forced it and forged our own path with our heads down rather than allowing ourselves to be guided; some of those decisions still haunt us or cost us, but they are constant reminders that there is a better way for us. 

We met in a bar. 

We've been given career opportunities when the odds were against us - a couple of times

Our baby decided he was ready for us before we were ready for him. 

The opportunity to buy our home came to us through a text message before we were looking. 

These are all gifts; there's no doubt we've been so fortunate. But these gifts have been nuggets -- opportunities that could have just as easily been missed. Had either of us been in a state of "head down" unaware, unwilling, un-open when these opportunities arrived, our lives would look a lot different. Being aware of the gift was the first piece then came the work to turn that opportunity into something that we could call our own. It's scary to think of the things we have missed along the way, but it's a nice reminder to stay in the practice of awareness, and to be willing to receive an unexpected opportunity. 

Then came Layla. 

We weren't looking for a dog, but our dog was looking for us. 

One random night, John was working and I put Lennon to bed. Once I finished my dinner, I honestly didn't know what to do with myself. It might come as a shock, but sitting still is not my thing and I don't really love to be alone unless I am shopping. The only shows I watch are shows that I watch with John, and another shocker - although I am constantly connected to social media, I am not much of a scroller. Nevertheless, I must have been too tired to get myself into something else, so I scrolled through Facebook and saw the face of Miss Layla. I knew she was meant to be our dog. 

I have to reiterate, or better, reword: I was not looking for a dog. I love dogs, but I also love a clean house and day trips and long dinners and holding onto any kind of freedom a thirty something with a baby, a hubby, and a business can hold onto. John was ready for a dog and Lennon absolutely loved them, so I was the one holding us back. 

Still, there I was. Sitting on my couch one random night, not knowing what to do with myself, and I snapped a picture of the screen and sent it to John. I am pretty sure I said something like, "I need this dog." Before he responded, I sent the same text to Francine, the owner of Bark N Roll Canine Care, who had just fostered and then adopted this sweet girl and took to Facebook announcing that she was committed to finding a permanent home for Miss Layla. 


The rest is history - so they say - because no one really talks about the work when talking about the unexpected gift that makes the story. But there was work, and testing, and making sure that this was the right thing to do for Layla and our family. I've lost a few pillows and a rug along the way, but I'm never sitting on the couch by myself anymore. We weren't looking for our dog, but our dog was looking for us. And we are so happy to have completed our family with a furry little girl, who has more patience with our son than we do at times. We are so happy to have been given the opportunity to adopt from Bark N' Roll whose staff has put some much time and care into training Layla and teaching her what it's like to be loved. And we are so happy to be the forever home that she needed because we have a lot of love to share and so does she!