Mantra Monday: Every Moment Matters

Mantra Monday is back!

To kick off our 8 Week Mantra Monday Series for the Energy Barre New Year Melt Down Challenge, I want to set the tone for a life changing experience and challenge you to consider that every moment matters. 

It's a saying that in one way or another can be heard every day, maybe multiple times a day, but I wonder is it ever truly heard?

When considering that every moment matters, one must believe that in order to truly get the most out of this sacred life, they must be present, invested and committed to each passing moment- whether it be the mundane, the exciting, the work or the leisure. 

Your life is in fact comprised of all of your moments: the moments that make you proud, make you sweat, make you happy, make you sad. There are moments that give you life and there are moments that take your breath away and tear you down...but that is what makes a life. 

As a participant in the New Year Melt Down Challenge you have decided that you want something more for your life. I cannot define what that is, but I can tell you that in order to achieve it, you have to be fully present in the moments, in the work it takes to get you there. 

I shared a somewhat scrambled video post to our private challenge group page this morning, in the MOMENT that I had before running into my Monday morning yoga class. Ironically I was somewhat distracted in sharing my thoughts on "being present and making every moment matter." And although, I believe my point was heard, it lacked some clarity. Not ironically, in class I was given the exact clarity I needed to support my point. 

"The benefit is in paying attention." 


You must pay attention to the moment in order to truly live it.

You must pay attention to the moment in order to receive its benefit. 

Anyone can show up and go through the motions...but those who show up with intention, presence and attention gain the benefit, live the fullest life, and attain their greatest goals. 

YOU have the power to be that person. 

So I challenge show up and live the moment. At home, at work, in the studio, wherever you may find yourself. Because you got yourself there, you might as well gain the benefit. 

Every moment matters.

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