When I was young, my grandparents lived in an apartment building in East Boston. It was the home that my father grew up in. There was always an indescribable feeling when we took the drive from Danvers to the Sumner Street building. Not that the drive was particularly scenic, (anyone who has ever traveled route one can attest to that), not that every drive always felt great, (this was the first place my father moved when my parents separated, and of course grandparents get old and sick, and that is hard to process...), but the ride generated its own unique feeling and that was something. My sisters and I still talk about the smell of the stairwell. It's a smell that we would bottle up if we could. Still, I couldn't describe it to you if I wanted to. 

Some things, some feelings are simply indescribable.

At some point in my teenage years, I was in the car with my father and the license plate in front of us had the number "444" on it. My father made some mention of it, I can't remember exactly what, but it prompted me to ask why it was a noteworthy occurrence. He reminded me that he grew up at 444 Sumner Street, and he told me whenever he sees the number 444 he receives it as a sign that everything is fine, and he is taken care of.

In that moment I decided that I would receive the same message, if and when I saw this number. And since that day, I can't tell you the number of times this number has appeared just when I needed it to.

Years later still, I learned, likely over a glass of champagne, that one of my dearest friends also sees the number 444 as a sign. She went on to tell me that 444 is a sign of the angels, a sign that your angels are with you.

Of course it is. 

Tomorrow The Energy Barre will celebrate its fourth birthday.

The Energy Barre currently has four gorgeous studio rooms where there greatest women in the world teach, workout, and lift each other up.

This week we entered into an agreement to take on our fourth space.


I am feeling blessed, taken care of, and surrounded by angels.

I tried to write about what it feels like to live a dream, so fulfilling and so supported by others. So inspiring and crushing at times. Instead I ended up writing about a number.

Some things, some feelings are simply indescribable.

So, please, let me humbly thank YOU for supporting my dream, and turning it into something greater than I ever could have imagined.

Happy Birthday to The Energy Barre!

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