Mantra Monday: Week #2

I have what I need.

It’s a simple mantra and a simple thought process that can bring peace and serenity to the struggle until the struggle is ultimately gone.

We have a tendency to work ourselves up - for the good and the bad. Consider when you are looking forward to a vacation or a night out on the town. You think about it, talk about it, sometimes even obsess about it until it actually arrives. When we are focusing on the good things, this obsession can be a fun way to pass time and build up excitement for the anticipated event or occasion. Who doesn’t love to plan the perfect outfit, DIY the perfect décor, or commit to a pre-party workout plan to leave you feeling fabulous when the big day arrives!

But this very same way of thinking can be our worst enemy when facing a challenge, a struggle, the unknown. There is a reason why people say “jump right in”. But we don’t always have that luxury. Often times, simply obsessing can be much easier than jumping head first without taking time to consider the challenge or weighing the pros and cons. There are times when you must face a challenge head-on and wait out the painful anticipation of what is to come.

At the studio, over 150 ladies are currently participating in the 8-week Fall In Love with Your Body Challenge. The challenge involves both independent and in-studio parameters meant to reset the mind and body after and amazing summer and result in a consistent fitness routine. The challenge yields amazing results in the 8 weeks, and when implemented as an ongoing routine, the results continue to elevate! This challenge is meant to be manageable, but is by no means easy. To successfully complete all aspects of the challenge, changes must be made to the daily routine and sacrifices must be made. At some point, each beautiful babe participating in this challenge made the decision to join, and then began the waiting period until the challenge ACTUALLY began. During this time, I am sure the self-doubt and common anxiety began to set in.

Thoughts like:

“How will I get to the studio 32 times in the next 8 weeks?”
“Where will I find time to walk 10 thousand steps each day?”
“Who will watch the kids when I have to go to class?”
“How will I pay for this challenge with the holiday season right around the corner?”
“I hate cardio.”
“I’m going to have to try a new instructor to make this work.”
“I’m so out of shape.”
“I don’t know if I can do this.”

And so on…

As we set out on the second week of this challenge, my mantra for you is:

“I have what I need."

Replace those thoughts of self doubt with your mantra. You will suddenly find that what you need is truly right before you.

You have the time.
You have the desire.
You have the help.
You have the money.
You have the will.
You have the strength.
You have it all.

The anticipation of the unknown does not have to be an anxiety-ridden process. When you are trusting that the universe has your back, you’ll find that you’re able to break down even the greatest challenges into smaller obstacles that you will confidently work through one by one. To begin shifting your mindset into this way of thinking, you use your mantra.

There will be moments when the thoughts of self-doubt creep in. This is a built-in reminder to silently (or loudly) chant your mantra. Doing so will help gain control of your thoughts, and gain control of your obstacles.

Give it a try! You’ve already got everything that you need to make it happen!