Mantra Monday: Week #1

Mindset is everything.

Thoughts are more powerful than anything that can be put to words, so we must consider how we THINK to be just as important as how we SPEAK. 

How we THINK is a reflection of how we want to see ourselves. How we SPEAK is a reflection of how we want to be seen by others. 

The reality that we are currently living in was thought about long before we arrived here, and so our future is currently being created in our mind. For some, this way of thinking is fluff, for some it is the solid foundation of life, and many others' thinking falls somewhere in between. 

Any belief system, like religion or philosophy, is what you make of it or what you take from it. As an individual with an independent mind, you are free to take what you like and leave the rest. So what if - for one week - you committed fully to believing that YOU and YOUR THOUGHTS are solely responsible for the creation of your future and you began acting as if. You've done far crazier things for more than a weeks time before... so what's seven days? 

Ok, so I have your attention.

Maybe. Just maybe you are willing to give this a try. It's just thinking, no-one else even has to know what is going on in that head of yours. But if, just maybe, you were going to give this a try, where would you even begin?

You begin with a mantra.

When looking out at the vast landscape of your future, it is hard to even wrap your brain around controlling that kind of capacity on your own. So like with anything, you must start small. Take the first step. Things will become more clear with time.

A mantra is a word or a sound repeated to help find concentration in meditation. Instead of helping us to find concentration in meditation, we will use this mantra to help us maintain our focus on positive thought - hence the creation of a positive future. You may find that the repetition of this mantra not only helps to maintain our weekly focus, but it also calms the nerves and brings inner peace and joy. So, in a way, you are meditating each time you revisit your mantra!

For this week, I will give you a mantra. You can choose to take it as is or adapt it to be all your own. 

Each morning when you wake up, sit quietly and repeat your mantra 5-10 times. Take deep breaths. Smile. Begin your day with strong, positive thoughts! 

Revisit your mantra throughout your day. Your day will provide you with plenty of opportunities to revisit. Each time you feel struggle, challenge, impatience, frustration,  or defeat, repeat your mantra. 

Each night before bed, sit quietly and repeat your mantra 5-10 times. Take deep breaths. Smile. End your day with strong, positive thoughts. 

For the eight weeks of The Energy Barre's Fall in Love with Your Body Challenge, I will write here with a new weekly mantra. Try it out for one week, or maybe all eight! With practice and belief, you will feel an energetic shift that brings more light and ease into your TODAY and brings more positivity and success to your TOMORROW!

This weeks mantra: Today I create my tomorrow.