Make the Time...

I have this guy in my life who truly changed my world. When we met my life started to move in a direction that I was proud of. We often joke together about how I had him fooled (but truly, he could have seen the signs if he wanted to!). 

It’s not that life wasn’t great before John… it was just a whole lot different. I didn’t have a bank account and that’s not an exaggeration for how scarce my savings was - I really did NOT have a bank account (story for another day), I drove a car with a rejection sticker so old that it was faded, and when he asked for my number I had to give my mom’s landline because my phone was temporarily shut off due to non-payment. Let it be known, my situation could have been much different, but I was a young twenty-something, living at my mom’s with a first job out of college salary and it seemed much more important at the time to save my pennies for drinks and weekly trips to T.J. Maxx! Good choice, I guess, since I met him at a bar...

To the point, life was great! I was carefree and living like a North Shore version of Penny Lane. But when I met John, I saw my future - or the future I wanted. He seemed SO MUCH more mature than I was (maybe I was really the one who was fooled) and suddenly I felt like paying my student loans was a great idea! With him, I spent less time at the mall and in the bars and more time together. As we grew to know each other more, I devoted my extra time to showing him how much I cared for him.

I guess that’s falling in love, right?

Well, it’s true that when you focus on the positive you invite more positivity into your life. With John by my side I discovered my passion for group fitness, I received a promotion, I got out of debt, I got a new car, we got engaged, he got his dream job… we were building a life together. I couldn’t do enough to express my gratitude just to have him in my life.

But like I said, when you focus on the positive you are inviting more and more pleasure to your life. Fast forward almost four years: together we have built three studios, had a baby, and bought our first home. Life is WONDERFUL, but far from care-free. Although my love for my husband is greater today than ever before, the time to show him seems to slip away.

In my endless pursuit of balance and a life well-lived, I want to find time to show John how truly lucky I feel to wake up beside him and tackle this very full life that we have made, TOGETHER.

So in today’s edition of running around like a mad woman, I grabbed a smoothie on the go. One for me and one for my love. Take the time. Make the time to show “your people” that you love them!