The Sizzle Diaries: Week 2

Dear Diary,

I do not tend to have discussions surrounding "diet" with The Energy Barre Babes. The primary reason being that I am not a certified nutritionist. I am not educated in the field of nutrition and do not feel qualified to tell another person what to eat. I believe that an individual's diet should be determined by a number of factors unique to that person including: daily activity, nutritional needs, likes and dislikes, personal goals, budget, season, and geographic location. With that said, through my own trial, error, personal research, and observation, I have discovered many misconceptions, truths, tricks, and hacks that I would feel comfortable sharing with others as guidance....if only we had the time!

One thing that I know about myself is that I am not great at getting right to the point. I have a lot to say and sorting out the essential can be a real struggle for me. Since this is my diary, I suppose I can take my time, and say as much or as little as I want...right?

Before we can even address the content of the diet, we need to break down the actual word.

The word "diet" has such a bad reputation and sets a sour tone to a conversation before it even begins. There are many words like this in the English language that have a broad meaning yet, under the influence of society, are largely misunderstood. For example...a prune is a plum! Who doesn't love a plum? However, for most, when we hear the word prune, we scrunch up our forehead with distaste. I mean, for goodness sake, whether we like the taste or not, shouldn't we smile when we think of prunes, knowing that if needed a prune is a natural way to help us out of a sticky situation?

I am rambling...but my point is, when we think of the word "diet" we think of restrictions, deprivation, a period of time with a start and an end, good versus bad....I could go on and on. The truth is, whether intentionally planned or not, everyone HAS a diet. It is not by choosing to be ON a diet that this noun comes into your life. The first definition of diet in the dictionary is (loosely): The foods that a person or animal habitually eat. (Even animals have diets!). The SECOND definition is (loosely): a special course of food to which one restricts itself.

So, if I were asked by an EB Babe for "diet" recommendations, I would respond by asking what your current diet is because you do, in fact, already have one. Regardless if you are looking to lose weight or not, your diet should be something that you evaluate regularly and intentionally. In making a regular practice of this, you will in turn be able to eliminate the second definition of diet from your life.

I suggest that you take a moment to evaluate your diet with eyes wide open.

What do you HABITUALLY eat?

What is in your grocery cart every week?

What do you eat for breakfast?

What do you eat at your desk or in your lunch room?

What is on your dinner table every week?

What do you grab on the go?

What do you drink to quench your thirst?...To wake you up?...To satisfy your sweet tooth?

What do you eat when you are bored?

What do you feed your children?...Do you then, in turn, finish their plate or take bites with them?

What do you eat when you finally have your feet up at the end of the day?

Notice how I didn't ask what you eat when you go out to dinner with friends, when you are on a date night, when you take the kids out for a sweet treat? These things are not typically HABITS. Instead, they are occasional occurrences that should be enjoyed, and considered outside of our regular routine, or dare I say, "diet."

The sum of your answers above are, in fact, YOUR diet! Before any changes to your diet can be made, you have to understand and clearly see your starting point.

I think that is enough for today...I hope you'll take a moment to answer these questions for yourself - it's interesting what we can learn about ourselves when we actually take the time!

More to come...