The Sizzle Diaries: Week 1

Dear Diary,

The Energy Barre's® 4th annual Summer Sizzle began this week! What began in 2013 as a bit of an afterthought push to get the EB Babes ready for summer has transformed into my favorite 7 weeks in the studio. The energy is electric. The community is engaged. The sun shines through every heart and every corner of the studio. With three summer challenges in my rear view, I like to think I have learned a thing or two: thing or two about what is to be gained, what is to be lost, and most importantly, what can easily be overlooked in the rising Summer Sizzle haze. This year, I turn to my diary to bring my own awareness (and hopefully the awareness of others) to those pieces that may otherwise be overlooked. This, I hope, will bring more heart, more happy, more peace, and more balance to these amazing 7 weeks!

To begin, let's talk about the EB Monday Mantra. Eliminating the assumption that everyone knows what a mantra is, let's simply say that a mantra is a statement or a word repeated frequently to bring strength, awareness, and peace to the body and mind. In the studio, you are surrounded by mantras and words of strength and encouragement to provide a focus when you have lost your own, and to lend intention when yours cannot be found. When developing physical strength, the body must rely upon mental health in order to extend beyond our existing limitations. In establishing a mantra and in practicing mental focus and strength, the body is able to relax within its discomfort and overcome incredible challenges. So, open up your eyes, look around, and exercise your mind to bring peace to your body!

If you're reading this, I would ask that in this moment you ask yourself, "Why do I sizzle?" This should be honest and true - private, just for you. Acknowledge that this reason is yours and yours alone. Now write it down, fold up that piece of paper, tuck it away for 7 weeks, and believe that you have achieved your goal. You have fulfilled your reason. Often times our reasons are driven by something we have or don't have, something we are or are not. The key to then achieving your goal is believing that you are already there, and operate as you would if you already had (or lost) what it is you're seeking.

Example: I want to be strong.
Replace with: I am strong.

Example: I want to be toned.
Replace with: I am toned.

Example: I feel balanced and at peace.
Replace with: I am balanced and at peace.

This week's mantra is: "I possess the strength that I desire."

Whatever your goal, believe that the challenge you have committed to for 7 weeks is unveiling what you already have. Your mind must believe in what your body is doing. Each week we will provide you with an EB Monday Mantra that you may choose to adapt or change in any way that suits you...but please join in the practice of repeating this mantra when you are feeling challenged, tired, weak - and also when you are feeling strong, accomplished, and proud. I guarantee that you will feel something that you have never felt before.