Why I Sizzle...

"Another sizzle, another story still unwritten..."

Two years ago I shared this quote as the 2014 Summer Sizzle began. I loved it then, and I love it now! What a perfect reminder that each year each season brings a new set of goals, a new set of reasons, a new set of challenges...a new story.

Two years ago as I set out to sizzle with an amazing group of girls, my WHY was to tighten, tone, and get my body summer ready. Since I began my fitness journey, I have loved the power of knowing that whatever I set my mind to, I am capable of achieving. However I wish to design my body, if I have the will, there is a way. Though I can't remember how I felt on July 4, 2014, I am sure that after completing the EB Summer Sizzle I felt confident in my swimsuit while hanging with my family and enjoyed every handmade cheese burger and margarita that came my way that weekend.

Fast forward to Summer Sizzle 2015. My WHY was completely different! Seven weeks after having my son, I was excited to commit to a fitness routine and begin to feel like myself again. Instead of working on tightening and toning my summer body, my WHY was establishing me time (when my whole world was suddenly devoted to a small baby boy), and building strength and confidence in the body that had just created life! Although I did not feel like myself, I felt proud of the changes, the progress, and the commitment that I had made in those seven weeks.

After a year of consistent effort, I feel strong, accomplished and ready to take on a new challenge, a new summer, and a new story! This year my WHY is to see what my body is capable of because I have found that I will never be quite sure of what I can do until it's been done!

Everyone has a different reason to sizzle. Everyone will have a different experience. Everyone will have different results. Join our sizzle and write your story!

 Every summer has a story...what will yours be?