Progression Day

This is the fourth year that I am sharing this message on this same day to wish our wonderful Energy Barre community a very Happy Progression Day- enjoy!

Growing up in my house, March 4th was a day of celebration. It was not one of those holidays with gifts and sweets and celebratory meals. In fact, it was simply an acknowledgement of a day that was special- a day where we should reflect on the progress we have made and celebrate!

My sisters and I would wake to start our day and my mother would say, "Happy Progression Day! Let's March Forth!" We would all exchange happy wishes for the day. Maybe we would do a little marching in place, and that would be it. Perhaps that is why it was always one of my favorite holidays; the day required no preparation, no explanation, it was just a reason to be happy with ourselves and one another.

I would then carry on to school and wish my friends and classmates a very Happy Progression Day! It seemed that no one ever knew just what this holiday was, and I LOVED the opportunity to tell every inquiring individual that, "Today we should celebrate the progress that we have made, in any aspect of our lives! It is March FOURTH, so we celebrate Marching FORTH!" I found this play on words so clever and it was just so much fun to talk about.

I was well into my teenage years when I was informed that March Fourth, Progression Day is not actually a national holiday. In fact, it is a completely made up holiday created by my very own mother! Fortunately, this did not in any way change my love for Progression may have actually given me a greater appreciation for the day. All along, my family has been spreading the wonderful positivity to anyone who would listen, thanks to my mom.

Later still, I realized that Progression Day was not born from the mere play on words "Marching Forth on March Fourth". The day has a deeper meaning for my mother and her own accomplishments. A small step from my mother's past has brought us years worth of smiles and positive reflection. What a great reminder that today's accomplishments should not be forgotten tomorrow, and should not even be forgotten in 20 years or more.

This morning my day began with a group text message between my sisters and my mom, wishing a very happy Progression Day to one another. We reflected on where we have been this year, and how far we have come. I'd like to wish you all a very Happy Progression Day! I see you each progress every time you come to the studio, so trust me, YOU have plenty to celebrate. Now go ahead and march in place!

A small step can take you a great distance; a small change can make a great difference!