Give Yourself Some Credit


Isn't it funny that just last week I posted this image as a reminder to all of the babes who follow The Energy Barre? Having the fortune of seeing so many women coming in and out of the studio as well as through the lens of social media, I am constantly inspired to do more, be more, and love more. I am sure that these women are completely clueless to the impact that they have on my desire to be because we, as women, commonly minimize our own greatness and strengths to accommodate the social norms. What I also see is the all too familiar look of defeat, exhaustion, and diminished sense of self that we, as women, tend to wear as frequently as our favorite t-shirt.

This, in turn, enables me to carry out my very favorite aspect of my job, reminding YOU that you are enough. You are more than enough. You are beautiful. You are accomplished. You are strong. And, although you may have further to go, you are doing so well! Insert the above mentioned Instagram post. It was a usual Sunday and I just picked up on a heightened sense of overwhelm from the ladies who surround me. My hope is that this small and subtle reminder served it's purpose and those overwhelmed ladies took a step back and realized that even when the job isn't done, the efforts to date still deserve some credit.

So, isn't it funny that I have been in a whirlwind these last few days - feeling overwhelmed and in a constant state of two days late and a dollar short. I've made myself my own punching bag, "How on earth could I get home too late to put my son to bed, have to reschedule a meeting AGAIN, oh and it is February 2nd and the February newsletter and calendar of events are still not complete?" These thoughts kept me up for two nights with my mind spinning wondering what is it that I need to do to finally have it all together?

Well, as I  sat on February 2nd (gasp) writing my closing memo about finding time to LOVE yourself during this month of LOVE I realized that sometimes I need to take a dose of my own medicine. I need to give myself some credit and realize that if I am dropping one piece it only means that I have been investing my heart into something else because to operate with one's whole heart, it cannot be divided to conquer all tasks at once. Sometimes, a little late with a lot of love is okay. Perhaps it's time I realize that I will never feel like I have it all together because as this life evolves, I will constantly make room in my heart for more - more to do, more to be, more to love.