Mantra Monday: Week #8

The final week of The Energy Barre's Fall In Love With Your Body Challenge has begun!

This week's mantra is somewhat of a perfect contradiction: There is no end.

While it is true that we are closing in on the final days of this challenge, class packages will expire, the accountability of the challenge guidelines will disappear, There will be no more Mantra Monday posts for this challenge, BUT what each challenger has created is not going anywhere!

This eight-week challenge has laid the foundation of a healthy and consistent lifestyle. This foundation was built by YOU, and it is yours to continue to build upon! 

If you have nailed every aspect of this challenge, chances are you have a pretty solid foundation beneath you and you're feeling ready to build and develop your healthy lifestyle to reach new heights, new goals, and new strengths. 

If you have fallen short on completion, your foundation may range from thin to weak. This is not a loss. This is STILL a gain! What you have laid so far for your foundation is more than you had eight weeks ago, and with consistency this foundation will be a strong and sturdy base for you to create your healthiest life with ease.

So, no matter where you stand today, is just the beginning. There is no end! Keep building. Stay focused. Your healthiest life awaits!