Mantra Monday: Week #3

Let me start this post by saying that your life is not a series of days meant to be carried out in script with a predetermined beginning, middle, and end. You are meant to evolve, learn, develop, and create the story of your life. The story of who you are today and who you are tomorrow. 

This week's mantra for The Energy Barre's eight-week Fall In Love With Your Body Challenge is:

"I believe in the person I want to become."

Whether you are participating in the studio eight-week challenge, participating in my personal challenge to you, simply applying this way of thinking from wherever you are to these next eight weeks, or stopping by for a one-time visit to my page today, this mantra can be applied to you, your life, your today, and your future.

Our challengers have committed to this eight-week challenge for a reason, and no matter how great or how minor the reason may be, the intention is the same: to come out of these eight weeks feeling different than when they started. Physically, we are providing them with the steps and tools to get there - a simple structure to follow, regular check-ins to stay accountable, and highly effective classes. Marking a check next to each daily/weekly expectation sets the ball rolling for amazing physical results, but the body cannot be held responsible for what the mind must do. The mind must believe that the work being done is producing the desired result, the mind must believe in the person that the body has set out to become.

This is true for every desire.

If you want to become something, and if you want to see a change or achieve a dream, you must first believe in that desire. You must believe that YOU will fulfill that desire.

The next step is equally essential. You must begin to act as if. Act as if you have become, as if you have changed, as if you have achieved. 

This sends the message to the universe: I believe and I am READY to meet my desires

If you're not practicing this yet, you're selling yourself short...

Consider these scenarios:

Your goal is to fit into a new pair of jeans.

Each time you are walking or working your legs in class, you visualize yourself slipping into those jeans. Embrace the work that goes into your legs. Stay strong and persistent. Compliment yourself when you get dressed in the morning. Encourage your body and your mind to feel good where you are TODAY knowing that you are actively creating your tomorrow. To love your legs in a pair of jeans, you must love your legs first. 

Your goal is to get a promotion at work.

Meet the expectations of that promotion TODAY. Dress the part. Go the extra mile. Inquire. Learn. Be a self-starter. Show up early. Operate in the way you would be expected to operate once you are given the promotion. 

A few dos and just one don't to help you along:

  • Do determine one (or a few) clear desires to focus on
  • Do be your own cheerleader
  • Do visualize your desires in real time: picture yourself where you want to be TODAY!
  • Do talk to friends and family about where you are headed
  • Do repeat your mantra all week long
  • Don't speak or act in direct contradiction to the person you want to become


You want to be thinner: Do not say things like, "I am fat!" {picture me cringing}.

You want the promotion: Do not leave deadlines missed; responsibilities undone.

Generally speaking, when thinking of and speaking about your desires you should eliminate these phrases entirely:

  • I'm not
  • I can't
  • I'll never
  • I just...


To make it even simpler. Fake it til you make it. Perhaps in your efforts to prove IT to others, you will prove it to yourself. You will make it!

And for what it's worth, I believe in the person you want to become!