Mantra Monday: Week #6

I decide how my story ends.

I think it is safe to assume that we have all experienced a time when we set out on a new mission with completely clear intentions, a solid dedication, and strong proclamations that THIS is the new way, THIS is the time I will (fill in the blank), THIS is going to change my life -- and then as time rolls on and the new wears off, so does the excitement and so does the intense dedication. Even when our intentions remain clear, we've lost the drive and the ability to stay the course because LIFE happens. 

This week's mantra is inspired by the type of experience listed above. 

As The Energy Barre Fall In Love with Your Body Challengers begin week six of the eight-week challenge, I would imagine that a fair number of girls have veered off course, have lost some steam, have settled into the acceptance that perhaps THIS was not the time that everything was going to change. 

If I am not speaking to you, keep reading, because this mantra can still apply to your challenge, your life, your everyday.

A firm set of parameters we set out at the start of this challenge:

  • Complete 32 classes with the 8-week time frame
  • Complete 2 cardio sessions per week
  • Walk 10K steps per day

When this challenge began, you looked at these numbers as attainable, sure, maybe it would be challenging, but you could do it, and you WOULD do it. 

Then, perhaps, as the weeks rolled on you were faced with your first big road block, followed by another, then again followed by small inconveniences that slowly but surely pulled you off track. 

So now, perhaps you have thrown in the towel, or resigned to just doing things the old way. Perhaps you have said, "I will do what I can." Perhaps you are frustrated with yourself, or perhaps you really just do not care. Any scenario is completely fine. But let me encourage you to take a moment and consider if this were your story (which it is) how would you want it to end. Imagine you were reading about your own life, and you were on the chapter about this 8-week challenge that one day in September you decided to commit to. How would you want that story to be told?

Allow me to remind you that this challenge was intended to result in falling in love with your body. Appreciating your own efforts and resilience. Finding a deeper connection to the body that serves you everyday. Viewing yourself the way you deserve to be viewed: with love.

No where in the description of this challenge was there a call for perfection. There were no expected results to meet. The great big picture is that you deserve to love the body that you live in, and it deserves to be loved. Testing your physical limits is a great way to shift your perspective and find respect for your body because you witness it do incredible things. Exercise gives you life and makes you feel good; this makes loving yourself a whole lot easier - and that, my friend, is what it is all about. 

When it comes to your story, I think you would want to read that you gave it your all. You did not give up. You did more than you thought possible. You fell in love with your own body. So, here you are. Week six. You have the pen in your hand. What are you going to write?