Mantra Monday: Week #5

This week, let's feel empowered! 

If you've been following along, you know that The Energy Barre "Fall In Love With Your Body" challengers have just entered week 5 of the 8-week challenge. This is a big week. The halfway point has been passed, and there is no doubt that if a challenger has been completing the challenge guidelines each week, they are looking to see their results start to shine through. 

Until now, we've been talking a lot about the visualization, the belief, and the mindset needed to gracefully reach new heights. This week, let's get physical. 

Your mind has established a goal. 

Your body has committed to the task. 

You are showing up, thinking big, and working for the result. 

Today, you are strong. 

Tomorrow, you will be stronger. 

This week's mantra is just that. 

Strong today, stronger tomorrow. 

If you've committed to a challenge, then there is at least a small part of you that wants to achieve more and be more each day. Simply by having that desire, you can make it a reality. We've talked about getting mentally "in the game" to create an environment and an outlet for success. We've talked about believing in what you are doing and believing that the result is coming. Now let's talk about taking this commitment you have made one step further. 

When you show up to class, repeat this mantra to yourself. When the fatigue sets in, repeat this mantra to yourself. 

When you set out for a run or a walk, repeat this mantra to yourself. When your legs grow tired, repeat this mantra to yourself. 

Begin to notice that focusing on this simple mantra releases an inner strength to help you persevere, test your limits, and conquer new challenges. 

Begin to think to yourself at every opportunity, "Are my actions a reflection of this mantra?" 

Are you moving, thinking, speaking, eating, drinking, and acting in a way that will make you stronger tomorrow?

There's always an opportunity to uncover more of your own strength. Keep at it! I believe in you!