Mantra Monday: Week #4

Have you ever heard the expression, You're all in, or you're all out?

It's true on so many levels. You can show up and physically, give 100% to the result you are working for (all in), but if you're mind is not in it, you're all out. 

The participants in The Energy Barre's Fall in Love with your Body Challenge have just entered week four. At the end of this week, they will be half way done with the eight-week commitment. So, for this week's mantra, I have selected the theme of "going all in!"

When the challengers committed to this challenge, there was likely an anticipated or a desired result. Living in a society that craves instant satisfaction, the hope would be that there is some kind of immediate pay off right off the bat. 

Hopefully that has been delivered to you in the form of:

  • Increased confidence
  • Heightened body awareness
  • Better mind body connection
  • A sense of self satisfaction 
  • Noticeable changes in the body shape and size 
  • A feeling of being sore, but stronger!

You're still working toward that original goal, and you have four more weeks to do it! If you haven't seen the result(s) you're looking for, it STILL has the potential to manifest! Let's talk about how you can go ALL IN for the second half and receive ALL of the rewards you had hoped for at the onset. 

Regardless of your current statistics (number of classes taken, steps on the pedometer or cardio sessions logged) you're still in this challenge. That result is still yours to achieve, but you have to believe. 

This weeks mantra is:

What I believe, I receive. 

Do you believe in the work you are putting in at the studio?

Do you believe that the steps you are taking are leading you down the right path?

Do you believe the sweat you are dropping is feeding your desires?

If you don't, then my friend, you are all out! There is nothing worse than going through the motions. You might as well take a nap and let someone else do your dreaming for you. 

This week, I challenge you to truly believe. Believe that you are the strong, balanced, fit, happy, woman that you want to be. Take thoughts of doubt and replace them with your mantra. 

What you believe you will surely receive. So let's go all in!