What the EB Girls Commit to in 2016

What's the key to resolutions that last? Making them out of love; love for ourselves, love for our bodies, love for our families, love for our jobs, love for our friends, love for being in love, sharing love, creating love.

A commitment that is made out of love has the greatest chance for success; our brains, our hearts, and our bodies are aligned. Perhaps you have already made your resolution for 2016. If so, take this time to consider your motives and your wording. The slightest shift in perspective could make the greatest difference.

Commit to healthy eating habits because you love your life.
Commit to an exercise routine because you love your body.
Commit to finding time to rest because you love having the energy to work hard.
Commit to striving for balance because you love yourself, your family, your friends, and your job.

We make resolutions and commitments almost every day, but something about a new year and a fresh slate brings our most ambitious declarations to the forefront. Many will scoff at the idea of a resolution, and eagerly share the likelihood of a failed resolution by the 28th of February. Let them. When you operate out of love, you cannot fail.

The Energy Barre Girls are committing to simple changes that will help us to feel EB Balanced, EB Beautiful, EB Better all year long. Let's do it together!

I commit to feeling gratitude when facing challenges, falling in love with my husband everyday, and putting my phone down when I have carved out time for my family and friends. - Julianna

Katelyn Silva: I commit to spending more time with friends! So much got in the way last year of this, and I need them and miss them!

Kara Pirillo: I will speak kindly to myself and remember that all problems are easier to solve after a good workout!

Liz Francis: I will commit to drinking more water than coffee!

Stefanie Sweeney: I hope to remind myself daily of the importance of perspective. In the grand scheme of life, most things shouldn't affect me as much as I sometimes let them, and so I hope to focus more of my time and energies on the things and people that DO matter! 

Becky Parker: I commit to scheduling "me time" (workout, maybe a mani/pedi, or some kid-free time with friends) and NOT feeling guilty about it! I'm a better mom, wife, etc. when I do this, BUT it's always the first to go when time crunched!

Heather Davidson: I plan on continuing to make sure I have some time for myself; not letting work overwhelm me, and always remembering to be a "happy" mom because my kids deserve that every day!

Jessica Pantazelos: In 2016 my MAIN focus is on being kind to myself as well as less worrying, and more time focusing on and enjoying the present.

Kristin Cronin: I commit to being kind to myself and investing in the things that add positive energy to my life.

Lauren Dabbs: I plan to focus on keeping myself present and staying positive. I tend to let my worries and stress (over situations I sometimes cannot control) weigh me down. I'm ready to make this change in this new year!

Liz Morrison: I will spend less time on social media and more time socializing!

Shannon Mayer: I commit to taking the time to enjoy my life - to just sit quietly and appreciate all the gifts I have. I commit to create (write, paint, build) whatever takes over. I commit to not be afraid of my potential.

Allison Whall: I commit to doing more for others.

Meghan Lynch: I'm committing myself to give a little more to myself! As a nurse and now mom of two, I give and I give and take care of others around the clock. I Just need to be a bit more mindful of myself and my own needs.

Alison Mulholland: I'd like to create new 'unplugged' habits, breaking the constant electronic overload of the TV, phone, and computer.

Melissa Vitale: I commit to take more time for myself in 2016! But also to spend some individual one on one time with my boys who are turning into men before my very eyes. I'm hoping to spend some extra quality time with them before they don't want to anymore.

Beth Conant: I commit to being present in the moment and worrying less about yesterday and tomorrow! I want to enjoy the moments with my family, especially my girls!!

Shauna Bailey: I commit to not being so hard on myself and also to finding something in each day to be grateful for!

Katelyn Martinson: In 2016, I commit to taking the time out to cook more at home. This allows me to experiment with fun and healthy recipes, and also is a fabulous way to have an at home date night with the boyfriend!

Shelagh Zampell: I'm going to try let myself relax and take things at a slower pace. I'm always in a rush to get things done and get ahead that I miss out on what's happening at that moment.

Jen Belanger: In 2016 I will devote time to creating a stronger and more relaxed me. I will not feel guilty about an extra workout or sneaking in a pedicure because in the long run it will make me a healthier and happier person overall!

Niki Alexander: In 2016 I commit to focusing on all my goals including my health, happiness, and balancing my busy schedule! Trying to incorporate a sweaty cardio session everyday, letting myself have "me" time, and trying to eliminate procrastinating to reduce stress throughout my days!

Rachel Kim: In 2016 I commit to dedicating time to food prep every week. With a busy work schedule, it's easy to eat on the run and grab something out of convenience and not always making the best decisions. I commit to spending this extra time in order to make healthier choices and to reduce stress during the week!

Samantha Murphy: In 2016 I commit to eating more whole and natural foods by cooking at home more, and to continue taking a lot of barre classes to further improve my ability as an instructor.

Katelyn Chambers: In 2016 I commit to working towards a more quiet mind. I commit to take each day for what it is and to leave things which are out of my control in the past. I commit to deepening the love I have for myself by taking time for me everyday.

Missy Sullivan: In 2016 I am looking forward to a year full of adventure, hope and possibilities! With my family, I will look to find new ways to stay active and healthy by getting outside more and planning our meals weekly. I will also take time to disconnect, physically and mentally so I can enjoy spending quality time with my girls, and to also take the time to focus on me, personally and professionally, so I can be one step closer to fulfilling my dream and passion to help others! 

Megan Cuneo: In 2016 I commit to increasing my mental, emotional, and physical strength. I commit this year to thinking more about myself by creating a healthier and more positive awareness about my body on different levels. I will drink more water, eat more vegetables, get more sleep, make time for myself every day, spend more time with friends and family, read several good books, and include relaxation exercises to help improve my state of mind and outlook. I will take this next year to explore my life further and discover new opportunities of growth.

Brigette Pugliese: My 2016 commitment is to live in the moment! I am always on the go rushing from one thing to the next. So I will try harder to relax and enjoy the little things AND to get to more barre classes!

Olivia Oro: In 2016, I commit to giving myself time. This is a BIG year for me; I'M GETTING MARRIED! I commit to giving myself time to work, time to relax, and time to enjoy the people and things around me as I celebrate this exciting journey.