New Year Melt Down Challenge Tip #1

It snowed last night! As I brushed the light fluff off my Jeep this morning, I first thanked the universe for opting for a dusting rather than a dumping. Then I began to think about The New Year Melt Down Challenge that began yesterday and I quickly remembered just how challenging these eight weeks will surely be.

After giving birth to my baby boy in March of last year, I made a promise to be kind to myself and patient in my efforts to transform my body after baby. For so long I had feared what the damage would look like when the bump no longer held a baby; I anticipated a celebrity style commitment to my body's comeback. But Lennon's grand entrance to the world was accompanied by a stint in the Special Care Unit and additional monitoring which quickly shifted my perspective. In many ways, I am grateful that Lennon had other plans for me in my time for myself and my transformation -- but that is a post for another day.

Instead of focusing on my transformation, I committed to taking my time; being kind to myself; and moving my body everyday so that I could be the best mom, the best wife, the best boss babe, and the best me on any given day. This commitment in itself was enough of a challenge so again, thank goodness I was able to let go of that celebrity-style comeback! Still, I was constantly faced by challenges. Owning a fitness studio, I thought it would be easy to sneak a class in everyday, but there isn't always a sitter; there is always work to do; and of course, there are those long-weekend escapes that I look forward to so much in the summer. So, in honoring the commitment that I had made to myself, I began to develop tricks and methods of motivation to achieve active movement everyday without seriously dropping the ball in the other aspects of my life.

As The Energy Barre Babes set out on The New Year Melt Down Challenge (that is sure to be met with its own set of additional challenges like snow, ice, and school cancellations), I thought it was the perfect time to begin to share some of my tricks so that you can adapt them to your lifestyle and stay committed to your goals! It's really all about shifting perspective and making your challenges your strengths, and your obstacles your motivations!

Today's tip is for the mamas out there:

If you don't have a sitter or you just don't want to leave the baby to go get a work out in, involve the baby in your workout! Lennon has quickly become my favorite workout partner; he is always finding new ways to challenge me especially as he becomes more and more active! If your kids are bigger, have them join you in your workout. If you have a baby, like me, find ways to engage them and make them giggle while you get your sweat on. Here are some things that I do:

  • Use their toys as workout props
  • Challenge yourself to work for their kisses -- one squat earns you one smooch! 
  • Use the high chair as a barre
  • Jump -- it always makes them smile!
  • Above all, accept that it is not always pretty and perfect...but it's pretty perfect! 

Check out my video for a little inspiration...and have fun!