Cheers to THREE!

If you had told me on January 14, 2013 when I stood with shaky knees and a butterfly-filled tummy about to teach the very first Energy Barre Class that I would be experiencing that same feeling again on January 14, 2015 and yet again on January 14, 2016, I would not have believed you. You see, on January 14, 2013 I believed so strongly in the product and the environment that I had created with the help of my family and my small team, but I did not yet understand the depth, resilience, and character of the community that was about to be born.

When I flash back to that night, I can still so clearly picture the faces of strangers and friends. I can feel the butterflies. I can recall the overwhelming pride brought on by a sold-out night of classes and the support of my family just outside of those studio doors. I remember teaching an awesome class, with the music so loud, and the energy so high. I remember meeting first-time clients who have over time become longstanding EB babes. But what I remember most was a feeling that I couldn't have anticipated; the feeling of truly finding my place and my calling, feeling acceptance and comfort that far out-shined the nerves and discomfort of the unknown.

And that moment - that feeling - IS The Energy Barre. What we stand for and believe in is not something that can truly be written down or verbally expressed; it must be felt. Because starting something new is scary, because physically pushing your limits is uncomfortable, because allowing yourself to just be is intimidating. Until you take that first step, until you allow yourself to take the plunge into The Energy Barre, you could not understand the feeling of truly being accepted as you are, in finding your place, in being comfortable despite all of those overwhelming feelings. The Energy Barre is so much more than just a studio - it's a place to be you, to fall in love with you, to learn that it is possible to admire other women rather than envy them. It's an exercise studio, but exercise gives you life, and we're all just living the best lives possible together!

Tonight in Medford - when my belly fills with butterflies, and my hand shakes as I turn up the dial on the music - I'll picture the faces of the strangers who became friends first in Reading in 2013 and then again in Beverly last year, and I'll remember that feeling of comfort and acceptance and know that the strangers behind me will soon be my friends!

Thank you to the community for making The Energy Barre more than I ever could have dreamed of. I love you all with my whole heart! Cheers to THREE!