The Diary of a Queen

Welcome to The Diary of a Queen!

I am excited to share with you stories and thoughts that move me, make me smile, inspire me, and just might do the same for you.

When I opened the Energy Barre in January of 2013, I had no idea the profound impact that it would have on so many lives, and more so, I had no idea how strongly and beautifully it would change the course of my own life. No one else declared me "Queen" - that's a title that I shamelessly gave to myself. You see, when given the fortune of interacting with so many women on a personal level, one simply cannot help but feel like royalty.

As long as I can remember, I have felt an intensely deep connection to women. I attribute my admiration for females to the strong, spirited, fierce, and completely unique women who I shared my childhood home with: my grandmother, my mother, and my two sisters. The collection of my experiences with and in observation of them sparked my desire to endlessly try to help women see the greatness they possess. We are a beautiful breed; sometimes we need a reminder of that.

As we enter into January 2016, I feel lucky to continue to nurture my connections with women, at home, in the studio, and here in my blog.

Enjoy, babes!