The Energy Barre is not your average barre studio.

We’ve gone against the grain to create something that cannot be found anywhere else. 

We respect the originators and the creators of barre-style fitness. We are grateful for the work that they have done to put this sustainable practice on the map. In the spirit of evolution and adaptation, we’ve taken what we love about the technique and developed our own, unique method - -because authenticity is important to us, and evolution is essential! 

We are trailblazers in style, yet grounded in theory. Simply put, we believe in movement of the body. A healthy body is a body in motion. Still, there is more to it than that. A balanced body is a body committed to moving in a way that strengthens what is weak and restores what is strong. Our method, and every offering within The Energy Barre umbrella, includes tools to help any individual restore balance to their own body. 

Balance is comfort. Balance is harmony. Balance is sustainable. Balance is healing. Balance is strength and flexibility. 

No two bodies are the same, no two lifestyles are the same. It is up to you to discover the fitness recipe that is right for you - that’s why we offer so many different classes: Barre, Matte, Cardio, Dance, HIIT, and Yoga. Each class style is taught in a smart, powerful, and purposeful way to take you in the direction of your goals, and closer to balance. Beyond that, the body is fluid; it is always changing. As you evolve and adapt to the flow of your life, your body may demand something different in order to remain in harmony. We are here to see you through the many seasons and changes of your life; just show up and keep showing up! 

As we continue to evolve, to bring you the best of what we believe in, our founding promise will always remain.  Our promise is: "To love, care, inspire, and grow; to educate and challenge our clients; to make bold efforts and remain passionate; to do all things with integrity and positive energy."

Your body was built to move, and be moved. Come join us in the studio or online! XOXO


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