Spring is the season for cleansing, clearing, preparing, and welcoming. Without even knowing it, our bodies and minds shift into "spring" mode and we bring the idea of spring cleaning into all aspects of our lives! Just as you look forward to busting open the windows in your home and releasing the stale energy of winter, your body wants to open up, let go of stuck energy and make space for the fresh new energy of spring!

We've designed The Get Aligned Challenge to deliver to you JUST what your body is craving - a clearing, an increase in movement, an amplified level of activity, and a heightened awareness of what your body is feeling. We like to consider this challenge "The Warm Up" to our very popular Summer Sizzle...which will begin in May! 

The Energy Barre and Nutrition and Whole Health Solutions have partnered to help you achieve your goals: read on for info!

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If you are looking to commit to you, to amplify your fitness routine, tone up, lean out, lose weight, and feel your very best by the fourth of July, the time to start is NOW! We don't believe in quick fixes; we believe in establishing consistency and then fine-tuning your habits to achieve your goals. That's why we are phasing out our challenges to help you lay the foundational groundwork during the month of April and then turn up the dial in May and June. You will be amazed what your body can do when you put in the will also be amazed at how easily it all flows once you commit!
What will you need to do?

  • Attend 20 Energy Barre studio classes in April's 30 days (you can also participate from anywhere by subscribing to The Energy Channel)

  • Achieve 10,000 steps every day

  • Dedicate 30 minutes each day to movement: stretching, sweating, and strengthening

  • Commit to establishing a stronger mind body connection through unplugging, breathing and meditating

To provide additional clarity: We are challenging you to MOVE every single day in the month of April. Every single day you will aim to achieve 10,000 steps. The 20 classes will be the days where you are digging deep within yourself to work hard and make changes. If it is not a studio day, you will carve out 30 minutes from home to give your body what it needs through intentional movement. To support you in achieving all of these goals from a place of peace and love, you will commit to unplugging, breathing, and establishing a meditative practice that works for you. We will coach you through all of this; you simply need to have the desire and the dedication to begin! 

When you apply the elements of The Get Aligned Challenge to your daily life, you will FEEL amazing results by April 30th. You will feel stronger, leaner, more energized. You will have created healthy habits that will serve as the foundation you build upon and the foundation that you return to when you lose track, need to stabilize, or dial back. The work you do in the month of April will never leave you; you will always be able to return to these guidelines to GET ALIGNED with your mind and body!

We want you to set the bar high for yourself - so if you have got big goals for this summer, let's make them happen! The desire to make changes in your body is healthy, as long as the action is taken from a place of love and respect for yourself. We are here to support you in just that! 

Oh and trust us, if you complete The Get Aligned Challenge you will be MORE than ready to turn up the heat during our Summer Sizzle Challenge...and we are prepared to deliver the fire! 

How do I pay?

  • There is no special package purchase for The Get Aligned Challenge!

  • Monthly members always receive the greatest value per class, so perhaps it's time to join?

  • You may pay as you go using any combination of class packages you already have and classes that you purchase throughout April. Many people utilize our community $5 classes and our weekday lunch express $10 classes in order to make the financial commitment easier on the wallet!

How do I sign up?

  • Our challenge will be facilitated through Facebook! Click the button below to join!

How do I prepare?

  • Our challenge Facebook group will officially launch on March 27th so that we can have a few days to truly prepare for a life-changing 30 days! 



If you want to see the greatest results we STRONGLY recommend matching your physical output with your nutritional input!

We are thrilled to be able to present the guidance of award-winning, Nutrition and Whole Health Solutions to deliver you a 30-day nutritional challenge that is in perfect alignment with our 30 day fitness challenge. 

The Get Aligned Nutritional Challenge will include:

  • Simple and effective guidelines to follow daily in order to establish a strong foundation and a healthy relationship with food, lean, de-bloat, reduce cravings, and have more energy

  • NWHS-approved recipes to assist you in hitting your guidelines at meal time

  • Weekly coaching from Courtney Little via Facebook 

  • Discounts and value-adds available at NWHS

  • Daily support from The Energy Barre team reinforcing the messages relayed by Courtney

  • Support in making these lifestyle changes stick!

What is the cost?

  • One low payment of $39.95

How do sign up?

  • To sign up for the 30-Day Nutrition Challenge, you will make a one time purchase of $39.95 through our online store. This purchase will notify our challenge team that you are IN!

What happens next?:

  • Once your purchase is complete you will be added to our private challenger list. You will receive a PDF challenge download - sent to you via email, along with a link to join the private Nutritional Challenge Facebook Group on or before March 27th!

What if I do not have Facebook?

  • The bulk of information and support will be delivered through the private Facebook group. If you do not have Facebook, please create a private account that you will use only to gain access to the group and can be deleted once the challenge is over. You don't even need to add a photo! 

How do I prepare?

  • Our Challenge Facebook group will officially launch on March 27th so that we have a few days to prepare for a life-changing 30 days! You will use those first few days to grocery shop, listen to helpful videos and get ready to rock on April 1! 



You CAN look and feel your best! You CAN make healthy changes that stick! You CAN change your body without punishing or depriving yourself. You CAN do this. Let's do it together!