EB Mama ™ is an educational and personal class that is perfect for expectant mamas who are maintaining their commitment to fitness through pregnancy, and new mamas who are returning to their fitness routine after childbirth.

The experience of bringing a child to this world is both incredible and overwhelming. The body endures tremendous changes throughout all stages - from carrying to delivery and to welcoming your child home. We are here to help your fitness related concerns from safe, prenatal fitness to tightening, toning, and regaining confidence in your body after baby! Caring for your mind and body through fitness will reduce common aches and pains, reduce recovery time, and help to establish a healthy peace of mind together creating a balanced, strong, and joyful mama!

EB Mama™ provides a unique, enhanced Energy Barre® experience designed specifically for the body of an new or expectant mother. This class will educate mamas with the necessary tools to bring confidence for safe exercise in all EB classes and beyond the walls of the studio. We invite you to participate solely in this class, or to make it a part of your weekly Energy Barre® routine. We pride ourselves in providing our mamas with safe and effective modifications in all of our signature classes; if attending class while expecting, please always inform your instructor before class.

EB Mama™ is a full-body experience tailored to meet the needs of new and expecting mamas. This class designed to strengthen the areas typically weakened by a growing belly, and release the areas that develop tension and discomfort throughout pregnancy. This non-impact workout fuses elements of yoga, Pilates, ballet, and traditional weight training to deliver a unique, dynamic, safe, and fun workout! Class is set to music combining simple and dynamic moves. Modifications are always offered and this class is open to all levels and all stages of pregnancy (as well as post partum). Expect the instructor to both visually and verbally instruct by demonstrating the workout, and offer hands-on adjustments throughout class. Pace is moderate, slightly slower than our signature full-body style. Class ends with a deep stretch and aroma therapy experience.

*Please seek the advice of your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine.

EB Mama ™ classes are run weekly as a part of the regular class schedule. No special purchase is necessary to participate; class credits apply.


Step back into your fitness routine without leaving your new baby! Just like our signature EB Mama ™ class, this special class is designed especially to honor what your body experienced during pregnancy. Our goal is to restore balance to the body through targeted strength and stretch work helping you feel more like YOU again! Your baby will love being by your side as you make time for you. The relaxed environment encourages you to take breaks, and to feed and comfort your baby at any time throughout class. The social interaction will benefit both you and your baby. 

This class is led by Becky Parker. Becky recently welcomed a new baby boy to her family and she is looking forward to teaching this special class while enjoying time with her son. She has a strong background in Barre, Pilates and Piloxing classes.

This class is designed for postpartum mothers and their non-mover babies (newborn - 8 months). Please bring your wearable infant carrier and a muslin blanket or blanket. This class can be found on the regular class scheduler.  Please email Julianna at julianna@theenergybarre.com with any questions.