EB Body Balance

EB Body Balance is a full-body class designed to further restore harmony to the body and undo the imbalances that our daily lives create. Class follows a structure of intensely working to open tight muscles and immediately strengthening their opposing muscles to encourage better body awareness, mind-body connection, posture, and muscle control. Class is carried out entirely on the fitness matte. Offered in a warm room, class is set to slower music combining simple movements with orthopedic stretches. Modifications are always offered and this class is open to all levels. Expect the instructor to provide increased hands-on and verbal corrections. Pace is slow and intentional. EB Body Balance is offered in full-length format. 

EB Flow

EB Flow is our flowing style of yoga that is open to all levels! This class is practiced in a warm room and intended to strengthen both the body and the mind. Come unwind, let go, and build a deeper connection with your own body. Modifications are always offered and encouraged. Pace is slow to moderate. EB Flow is offered in full-length format. 

EB Within

EB Within is a full-body class focused on achieving a deeper connection within YOU! Consistent practice of our classes leads to amazing changes in the body and commitment to the ideals behind The Energy Barre Method leads to increased confidence, self-love, and body awareness. But, when we are striving towards personal goals, it can be easy to lose an important connection with ourselves in the here and now: the strength and beauty that we already possess. EB Within will help you reconnect, refresh, and remember just how awesome you are now and how far you WILL go! EB Within is practiced in a dimly-lit room and reversed away from the mirrors to eliminate the distraction of your neighbors and your appearance. Come as you are and leave loving that person even more! Pace is slow and intentional. EB Within is offered in full-length format.

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