Our primary focus is to condition the entire body for maximum performance and health. Often times, our greatest efforts are squandered by lack of balance. To achieve the body you desire, you must establish a well-balanced workout routine that builds both strength and flexibility, that challenges you, and empowers you. 

We want nothing more than to help you to work a fitness routine into your very full schedule. So that you can show up for yourself, and for your life as the very best version of you, We offer a variety of class lengths:


Signature Classes

EB Barre | EB Blend | EB Matte | EB Matte Plus | EB Barre Basic | EB Body Balance | EB Body Design | EB Hot Barre | EB Hot Matte | EB HOTT Body Design

Combo Classes

EB Matte Remix | EB Rhythm and Matte | Tight Abs and Lean Legs


Specialty Classes

 Arms, Abs, and Back |  Love Your Legs 

Cardio Classes

EB Burn | HIIT the Matte | HIIT Circuit | EB Cardio Dance | Zumba



These are our standard 55-minute classes that we can condense into 45 minutes for an EXPRESS version:

EB Barre Express | EB Blend Express | EB Matte Express | EB HOTT Matte | EB HOTT Barre | EB Matte Remix | EB Matte Plus


Our Yoga classes are offered in a 60-minute or 75-minute format. 

Kripalu Yoga | Power Yoga | Vinyasa Flow

The Energy Barre Method itself is defined by our three signature, full-body classes: EB Barre, EB Blend, and EB Matte. Within these three classes you will receive the greatest introduction to our style of fitness and the principals we follow. You will experience an enduring challenge class after class. With practice and dedication, you will create lean muscles and a strong, healthy physique!

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Design the body you want by focusing movement on the areas you wish to change.

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Increased movement of the body will help to reveal the efforts put in on the matte and at the barre. Cardiovascular fitness can be attained through a variety of approaches and intensities - and you do not need to be chained to a treadmill! Shed fat, torch calories, and SWEAT!

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Pairing thoughtful, careful movements with our signature style and cardio style will unlock tension in the body, build a stronger connection to the muscles behind the movement of the body, and establish harmony between the mind and the body to help restore physical balance.

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Escape the world and focus on your workout with our noise-canceling headphones! The music and instructor’s voice are streamed through the headphones and YOU control the volume. This cutting-edge experience is energizing and uniquely relaxing at the same time!

*Designated on schedule by *SOUND OFF next to class name.