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At The Energy Barre® we celebrate “The Girl on the Go!” and we understand that our mommy clients are absolutely on the go! We are happy to provide a complimentary childcare service at our Beverly studio and our North Reading studio so that you can enjoy some much needed me time!

  • Advance online registration of your child is mandatory
    • Your child must be registered for the free childcare through an online account in your child’s name (see instructions below)
  • If no children are registered 1 hour prior to class time, the service will not be available
  • Space is limited
  • You must sign your child in upon arrival
  • If your child is sick, please find a childcare alternative or cancel yourself and your child out of class
  • Please be sure any toys that are brought to the studio are safe and clean; leave with anything that you come with
  • Please bring your child to the bathroom before class begins. If your child needs to use the bathroom during class your class will be interrupted
  • Our childcare providers do not change diapers
  • All snacks must be NUT-FREE and spill/stain proof
  • If we cannot settle or distract your child  during class, we will have to interrupt your class.


  • Go to the online scheduler and click sign up
  • Select “new to our site” and complete the information needed using THE NAME OF YOUR CHILD/CHILDREN
  • ALL children should share the same account
    • You must use a unique email address from your own account for your child/children
    • If you have multiple children and do not want to create an account for each child, please put ALL of their names in the first name field i.e.: "Samantha Mary." This way we will know there are two children when looking at registration.
  • We suggest that you un-check the “opt-in for e-mails” box to avoid receiving duplicate emails from EB
  • Agree to the terms of the waiver and create account
  • Once you have created your child's account, we recommend taking advantage of the FREE Energy Barre app as well as the free MindBody connect app so that you can register with ease by opening two apps rather than having to log in and out; simply designate one app to your child and one app to yourself


  • BEFORE registering yourself for class, sign your child/children up to ensure there is space available for them
  • After your child/children is/are registered, you will simply need to log out of their account(s) and log into YOUR account (if you aren't using the two apps mentioned above) and register for the corresponding class at the time you signed your child/children up for (*be sure that the locations match) 
    • If there isn't room in the class you would like to take, please remove your child/children from the class you signed them up for 
  • You will never be required to make a purchase under your child/children’s account because all scheduled child care is free

Registering your child/children takes just a few extra moments, and the time spent will be well worth the time you set aside for yourself at the studio!