Fall in love with your body challenge

Continue Your Healthy Habits from the All The Way to Labor Day Challenge!

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Strength. flexibility. love.

September inspires a transitional shift in all of us no matter your work life or your home life. Labor Day comes and goes and although a few weeks of true summer remain, our brains and our bodies have turned to fall. Many of us begin new routines and even if we don't, we're undoubtably impacted by the changing routines around us.

Now is the time to press pause just long enough to plan how you will care for yourself in this transition. Your wellness is essential to your health, your happiness, your confidence, your endurance, and your ability to show up for your life and all of the people in it as the very best version of you. The eight-week Fall In Love With Your Body Program will teach you - or remind you - of your strength, your potential and your resilience. It will highlight the importance of both physical and emotional flexibility. Most importantly, it will support you in loving yourself today and loving yourself tomorrow!

Join us for an 8-Week Journey beginning Sunday, September 17th.

The Challenge Details:

  • 8 weeks - Sunday September, 17th - Sunday, November 12th
  • 32 classes - Approximately 4 classes per week
  • Online Support - this challenge is run primarily through our Facebook support and info group
  • At-home Guidelines
  • Simple physical guidelines to commit to each day - from home or anywhere!
  • Nutritional Inspiration 
  • Non-required tips and support about what to add into your diet and what to limit for optimal health and results

Pricing Options:

  • 1- Monthly Membership: ALWAYS THE BEST PRICE
  • 2- Fall In Love Package: 15% Savings and Accountability to Complete!
    • $340, one time payment
    • 32 classes included in package; classes activate on 9/17 and expire on 11/12
  • 3- Pay as You Go
    • Use any active class packages in your account, purchase single visits, class packages, and community classes as-you-go to total your 32 classes! Make it work your way for your wallet!

Never done our challenges before? Now is the time to begin. Our community is unlike any other. Our instructors are active and involved, committed to helping your reach your goals and making you feel like you are a part of something...because you ARE!

Done our challenges before? We're excited, as always to bring you a fresh spin....here is what's different:

1- There will be NO MEASUREMENTS offered for this challenge.

WHY? Because although measurements are an amazing way to track success (and we will do them again in the future), we want you to focus on FEELING your body. The deeper your connection to the way you FEEL, the deeper you'll be able to fall in love with YOU! 

2- We will be touching on nutrition.

We are not registered nutritionists or experts in the field. For this reason we stay away from offering guidance because we pride ourselves in providing you with top-notch expertise and training in the field of fitness and would never want to sell you short elsewhere. However, collectively we have tried everything and we firmly believe that establishing a sustainable and balanced diet is essential to your health, and we can absolutely provide some support and guidance that will help you to figure out what your body needs and what brings you closer to your goals.

3- Figuring out what YOUR body needs.

 For many of our challenges we're telling you what to do both in and out of the studio: how much to sweat, walk, jump, and run. This season we're providing you with the tools you need to have effective workouts outside of the studio, but YOU'LL have to communicate with your body to find out what it is your body needs.

4- Sign-up process.

Simply request acceptance to the Facebook group; you'll be able to gather everything you need there! If you are purchasing the special package, please make sure you do so BEFORE 9/17!

Falling in love with someone requires spending time with them, learning to understand their unique needs, finding beauty in their imperfections, celebrating their strengths, and respecting their process. Falling in love with yourself is no different! Let's do it together! XOXO