Seredipity: How Layla Became a Curtis

We weren't looking for a dog, but our dog was looking for us. 

It seems to be the way that things happen for John and me. A series of divine interventions that have consistently led us to where we are meant to be. Awareness, willingness, openness; it's a way of living that we work at, and when we're getting it right, there is always a sign, a light, a clear direction of where we are meant to be. Often times we fall into ruts when our heads are down and our stubborn behaviors take over, but then we notice, we pick our heads up and let the compass lead the way. 

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Hanging On and Letting Go

This weekend was a BIG weekend! Together with my friends from The Inner Cycle, my husband and I opened our fourth Energy Barre studio! We are fondly referring to this new venture as EBIC - a beautiful fitness haven in North Reading where two like-minded businesses are bringing the community the best of barre and spin under one roof! It's pretty unbelievable to walk into this space and say that it is in-part mine. Someday (soon hopefully), I will write about how we dreamt up this idea and patiently waited for the right opportunity to fall into our laps, but today I am not really here to write about EBIC.

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When I was young, my grandparents lived in an apartment building in East Boston. It was the home that my father grew up in. There was always an indescribable feeling when we took the drive from Danvers to the Sumner Street building. Not that the drive was particularly scenic, (anyone who has ever traveled route one can attest to that), not that every drive always felt great, (this was the first place my father moved when my parents separated, and of course grandparents get old and sick, and that is hard to process...), but the ride generated its own unique feeling and that was something. My sisters and I still talk about the smell of the stairwell. It's a smell that we would bottle up if we could. Still, I couldn't describe it to you if I wanted to.

Some things, some feelings are simply indescribable.

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Mantra Monday: Every Moment Matters

Mantra Monday is back!

To kick off our 8 Week Mantra Monday Series for the Energy Barre New Year Melt Down Challenge, I want to set the tone for a life changing experience and challenge you to consider that every moment matters. 

It's a saying that in one way or another can be heard every day, maybe multiple times a day, but I wonder is it ever truly heard?

When considering that every moment matters, one must believe that in order to truly get the most out of this sacred life, they must be present, invested and committed to each passing moment- whether it be the mundane, the exciting, the work or the leisure. 

Your life is in fact comprised of all of your moments: the moments that make you proud, make you sweat, make you happy, make you sad. There are moments that give you life and there are moments that take your breath away and tear you down...but that is what makes a life. 

As a participant in the New Year Melt Down Challenge you have decided that you want something more for your life. I cannot define what that is, but I can tell you that in order to achieve it, you have to be fully present in the moments, in the work it takes to get you there. 

I shared a somewhat scrambled video post to our private challenge group page this morning, in the MOMENT that I had before running into my Monday morning yoga class. Ironically I was somewhat distracted in sharing my thoughts on "being present and making every moment matter." And although, I believe my point was heard, it lacked some clarity. Not ironically, in class I was given the exact clarity I needed to support my point. 

"The benefit is in paying attention." 


You must pay attention to the moment in order to truly live it.

You must pay attention to the moment in order to receive its benefit. 

Anyone can show up and go through the motions...but those who show up with intention, presence and attention gain the benefit, live the fullest life, and attain their greatest goals. 

YOU have the power to be that person. 

So I challenge show up and live the moment. At home, at work, in the studio, wherever you may find yourself. Because you got yourself there, you might as well gain the benefit. 

Every moment matters.


In the spirit of resolutions

The start of anything is hard.

Especially when you are aiming for a big change.

You'll often second guess yourself. Doubt Yourself. Try to talk yourself out of it. 

Others might want to see you do this. They might like to see you stay just as you are.


If you have been inspired to make a change - change.

Take small steps every moment. Every day. 

You'll get where you are going...and somewhere along the way,

when it doesn't seem so overwhelming anymore, I can't wait for you to look back and say:

"Look how far I've come."


My Body is Meant to Fold

Today I was able to make it to my favorite yoga class for the first time in what feels like months. I was so happy to walk through the doors into the warm room knowing that the next 90 minutes were all mine. Phone off, body on. I laid on the mat with my eyes closed and smiled. Grateful for this time and this opportunity. 

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Mantra Monday: Week #6


I decide how my story ends.

I think it is safe to assume that we have all experienced a time when we set out on a new mission with completely clear intentions, a solid dedication, and strong proclamations that THIS is the new way, THIS is the time I will (fill in the blank), THIS is going to change my life -- and then as time rolls on and the new wears off, so does the excitement and so does the intense dedication. Even when our intentions remain clear, we've lost the drive and the ability to stay the course because LIFE happens. 

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Mantra Monday: Week #5

This week, let's feel empowered! 

If you've been following along, you know that The Energy Barre "Fall In Love With Your Body" challengers have just entered week 5 of the 8-week challenge. This is a big week. The halfway point has been passed, and there is no doubt that if a challenger has been completing the challenge guidelines each week, they are looking to see their results start to shine through. 

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Mantra Monday: Week #3

Let me start this post by saying that your life is not a series of days meant to be carried out in script with a predetermined beginning, middle, and end. You are meant to evolve, learn, develop, and create the story of your life. The story of who you are today and who you are tomorrow. 

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Make the Time...

I have this guy in my life who truly changed my world. When we met my life started to move in a direction that I was proud of. We often joke together about how I had him fooled (but truly, he could have seen the signs if he wanted to!). 

It’s not that life wasn’t great before John… it was just a whole lot different.

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My Post-Saturday-Night-Party-Fun Sunday Morning Run

I haven’t written in a while. I've found myself in a rut - a rut that I feared I would fall into given my endless quest for balance in days that are never quite long enough. But, what I have found since exposing myself through this diary is that it is not the lack of time keeping me from posting, it's something a little bit deeper than that and I surprised myself this weekend when I finally saw this blogger's block for what it was. 


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The Energy Barre Voted as BONS 2016 Readers' Choice BEST Barre Class!

I am sending so much love to our loyal and true babes from my whole heart!

Thank you for voting The Energy Barre as North Shore Magazine's BONS 2016 Readers Choice Award winner for Best Barre Class! We are honored and humbled to win again this year.

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